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Have your soap at your fingertips

Take a look at My Soap Holder advantages:

When your soap bottle starts to run out It can be a pain. Why not get up to 10% or more out of every bottle? Also, it can be a hassle to constantly bend and reach for your bottle of soap on the shower ledge or floor.

Not only does My Soap Holder allow you to have your soap at your fingertips, our patent pending design lets you to get every last drop!.

Many people use bars of soap but so much is wasted and even the most popular brand gets soggy. Up to 25% of your soap can be wasted when you use a pump bottle. And to top that off, many bath caddies and shelves use those flimsy suction cups that eventually fall off, which could destroy your shower floor tile or even worse, land on your foot. Others even require you to perform a time-consuming installation, like drilling holes.

Hang your soap in a convenient spot with our Hanging Soap Bottle Holder!

My Soap Holder comes with  a very strong Soapovative Premium Shower Hook backed by 3M backing. Our shower hook can hold up to 8 lbs. and installs in seconds.  A big compartment lets you fit most large and small non-flathead bottles inside easily. No need to deal with pesky installations, your soap bottle ever falling, and bending over all the time ever again! It’s an effective way to save time and money in the shower, and an ideal solution for people unable to bend down because of back or knee issues.




Here are a few more reasons why you’ll love our product:
✅ Declutters your bathroom and shower floor
✅ Saves tons of space
✅ Extremely easy to clean
✅ Safer option that other holders mounted with a suction cup
✅ 100% money back guarantee

Ditch the cheap soap tray and flimsy bath rack. Dump the pump that leaves so much product behind. Make showering easier with the My Soap Holder – Hanging Soap Bottle Holder! Add it to your cart NOW!