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Our flagship product, My Soap Holder TM is now available for sale through Paypal and as a Thank you for being a part of our launch we are offering our product starting at  just $7.50​ on sale now for only $4.99 Feel free to explore and see what we are all about and thanks again for visiting!             PINK                             LIME                         Light Blue                  White                       Chrome 

My Soap Holder

 Only $7.50 5.99    Shower Head  Bath hook ​ Curtain Rod

My Soap Holder

My Soap Holder TM  Pink

Have your soap at your fingertips

Take a look at the My Soap Holder TM advantages:

Convenient - Great for the home, business, vacation, school... take it with you everywhere

Easy Setup - No tools necessary. Hangs off a shower head, or curtain rod. Comes with a short strap to hang off a shower hook

Easy to Use - Once it is placed where you want it, simply insert your non-flathead shower bottle upside down into the holder with lid opening facing the back. Snap the lid open and you are good to go